Gold Club Program

In an effort to provide the finest service to the finest irrigation customers, H. S. Altman is offering the Gold Club Program for the 2019 season.  The Gold Club Program pricing is listed below and must be paid before March 30th in order to take advantage of these special prices.  The Gold Club Program will be offered for an additional $15.00 if paid after March 30th. 

Benefits of the Gold Club Program include:

  • One time 10% off service call labor up to $50.00
  • 20% off material purchased in a service call
  • Gold Club Program members will receive top priority for all emergency service calls including zone valves stuck on and flooding caused by a broken irrigation main line.
  • Gold Club Program members will receive response to requests for normal service calls within 24 business hours.  Normal service calls include broken zone pipes and irrigation head adjustment or damage.

Spring Activation:

Call to schedule between April 16th and May 18th (weather permitting)

  • Pressurize entire system (does not include pump installation which is an additional $50)
  • Adjust heads as needed
  • Set controller for most efficient use of water
  • With homeowner approval make any necessary repairs

Mid-season Check Up:

Call to schedule between July 2nd and July 31st

  • The Gold Club Program participants will receive a complete inspection of the entire system to ensure maximum system efficiency during the heat of the season.


Call to schedule between October 1st and November 16th

  • Turn off water source (does not include pump removal which is an additional $35)
  • Remove water from all irrigation lines to prevent freezing and system damage


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